A Guide to Dental Practice Websites

A lot of dental practice websites are changing. They are moving away from dark backgrounds and static content into mobile-ready formats with changing promotions, news briefs and images. A growing number have WordPress blogs associated with them, and dentists are using these blogs and their website pages to showcase knowledge, opinions, explainer videos, personality, and … Continue Reading »

A Guide to Dental Flex Time Scheduling

Contributed by Susan Kulakowski, Director of Practice Enhancement   When I went into dentistry years ago we didn’t have intentional scheduling techniques. Rather, it was throw 30 names on a page and pray we make it through the day. We have come a long way with modern scheduling techniques. To provide better access to patient … Continue Reading »

A Guide to Social Media for Dentists

A Guide to Social Media for Dentists The number of venues for marketing a business or a brand has grown exponentially, yet experts still agree that the most reliable form of advertising is word-of-mouth. People will trust the recommendations of the people they already know far more often than they will trust an ad on … Continue Reading »

Dentist Profit Systems Takes Part in 1st FLA-MOM Event

  There’s nothing like a friendly smile to get the day going, and today patients and volunteers from across Florida experienced countless smiles and priceless moments. Above, Dr. Reza Iranmanesh greeted volunteers with zeal.   FLA-MOM,  a Large Undertaking.   At 5:00 am, I entered the Martin Luther King entrance to the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa … Continue Reading »

Are Broken Appointments Breaking Your Dental Practice?

By Susan Kulakowski Some dental practices have six broken appointments a month and others six a day!  There can be a beautifully engineered schedule first thing in the morning and several phone calls later the schedule has fallen apart.   5 REASONS FOR BROKEN DENTAL APPOINTMENTS 1. Lack of Communication Regarding the Importance of the Next Appointment … Continue Reading »

Profitable Niches in General Dentistry

You may now order Profitable Niches in General Dentistry  by Amol Nirgudkar.   Amol Nirgudkar’s book (in both print and e-book form) provides dentists with reasons and clear, proven strategies for envisioning, training, equipping, promoting and delivering a number of special niche services within their general dentistry practice:   *Cosmetic Dentistry *Dental Sleep Medicine *CEREC … Continue Reading »

Is Your Clinical Team Setting the Stage for Case Acceptance?

By Susan Kulakowski, Director of Dental Practice Acceptance Encourage your clinical team to set the stage for case acceptance through “third party selling.”   The sun rises and sets on great clinical assistants who are three steps ahead of the doctor, always properly set up and never leaving the treatment room for a forgotten instrument or … Continue Reading »

Logical to start with the fact

It will probably be logical to start with the fact that each person has his own tastes and preferences here. So it was always. True, not everyone decides to express their opinion directly. Everything is easy enough to explain, if there is a desire from http://russianwoman4bride.net/uncategorized/Making-decisions-for-your-health-Cialis. Everyone is afraid to express their opinion simply because … Continue Reading »