Dentist Profit Systems Heads to Pankey and ADA 2014



pankey-logoDentist Profit Systems looks forward to exhibiting at The Pankey Institute’s Annual Meeting next week and at ADA 2014 — America’s Dental Meeting in October.


Amol Nirgudkar, Mike Speissbach and Debbie Bush will be at the Ritz-Carlton Miami South Beach, September 18-20, when 250 dentists and many team members gather for two days of presentations by Pankey Faculty and some of Dentistry’s headliners. We will be hosting Friday’s luncheon with Amol Nirgudkar introducing Dentist Profit Systems to those gathered.



We’ll be headed to San Antonio for the ADA Meeting on October 9-12, with our new booth and monitors to showcase our powerful marketing system. In less than a year, we have had tremendous success enhancing dentists’ content and attracting record numbers of the types of patients dentists want — with associated Google 5-Star reviews.


Our key messages will be:


  • We are in the business of reputation-based content marketing for dentists.


  • We excel at creating a leap of value unrelated to price and opening uncontested market space.


  • Our mission is to make great dentists stand out and capture new patient engagement that is based on best fit.


  • We are accountable, and guarantee true ROI through more patients and higher profits.


If you are headed to the Pankey and/or ADA meeting, we look forward to seeing you there. Stop by for information and inspiration. We love great dentists! We’ll showcase our strategies and results.