Profitable Niches in General Dentistry



You may now order Profitable Niches in General Dentistry  by Amol Nirgudkar.


Amol Nirgudkar’s book (in both print and e-book form) provides dentists with reasons and clear, proven strategies for envisioning, training, equipping, promoting and delivering a number of special niche services within their general dentistry practice:


*Cosmetic Dentistry

*Dental Sleep Medicine

*CEREC Same Day Crowns

*Implants / Mini-implants

*Orthodontic Technologies


*Laser Procedures


This is what some readers have said about the value of this book to in adding and marketing niche services in a general dentistry practice:


“Incredibly practical yet intelligent, this book provides valuable insights into various aspects of adding niche services to your general dentistry practice. With his celebrated consulting background, Amol Nirgudkar has an unique vantage point, that is grounded in both empirical data and objectivity. The marketing chapters are simply brilliant. Amol has made a huge impact on our dental practice over the past decade, and this book is frankly the crystallization of his tremendous acumen in the business of dentistry.”  — Nilash Patel, DMD (Tampa, FL)


Amol Nirgudkar’s new book is so necessary in today’s world of dental marketing. Someone very famous once said, “First who, then what,” in describing a business philosophy. Amol’s book helps today’s dentist find the ‘who.’It is a book about targeting your practice toward a specific niche. The major benefit is defining your practice in terms of who is looking for it…so that you become the expert. As a dentist and an author, I understand how important it is to express your ‘core message.’ Amol teaches you how to find your core message and the people who want to hear it. He clearly explains everything you need to know about creating a niche practice in a very crowded marketplace. Highly recommended.” — Barry F. Polanksy, DMD (Cherry Hill, NJ)


“Every dental practice is starved for credible, accurate information to chart a course for the future. This book provides a fresh perspective grounded in business principles that will be a vital asset to my mature dental practice. I see this information as critical to dental students and dentists early in their careers. The future of the profession depends on dentists starting on the right path. Amol offers the tools for a solid foundation to begin and the methods to achieve continued success.”— Mattew J. Messina, DDS (Fairview Park, Ohio)




Amol Nirgudkar, CPA, CGMA is the CEO and founding partner of Dentist Profit Systems LLC. He brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience as a CPA and business advisor to hundreds of small businesses across Florida and the United States. Over the last decade, Amol has developed a significant niche in the healthcare space and has served over 500 physicians and over 100 dentists in Florida.


In addition to publishing several articles on topics ranging from taxation to healthcare, he has authored the book Profitable Niches in General Dentistry (2014) for general dentists who want to develop an exceptional practice, the dental marketing e-book 6 Secrets to More Patients and Higher Profits, and the financial hand book  Navigating the Business of Medicine  for medical residents and physicians who wish to start their own private practice. A forthcoming financial handbook will focus on Navigating the Business of Dentistry.


Amol is a managing partner of Reliance Consulting LLC in Tampa, Florida and has successfully transitioned 100% of his focus on this tax, accounting and business consulting firm to significant focus on Dentist Profit Systems by selecting and surrounding himself with a uniquely gifted consulting team. In his view—


“Without innovation, it is difficult for businesses of all sizes to survive and thrive in today’s economy. We have advised and helped many organizations with innovative strategies that are essential to succeed in today’s complex environment. Dentists are business people in desperate need of fresh strategies to make their practices standout and become securely profitable. I hope my new book will inspire and make simple the path to more patients and higher profits. Adding niche services that are right for you and right for your community, and then branding them as special in your general dentistry market space, can be profitable for any dental practice.” — Author Amol Nirgudkar