A Case Study in Artisan Practice


William Dean Artisan Chocolates excite the eye and intrigue the palate with works of art made from only the finest ingredients. Every piece is made by hand in small batches and without preservatives in the founder’s shop in Belleair Bluffs, Florida, not far from Dentist Profit Systems.


What does this have to do with dentistry?

The artisanship that comes from practice, patience and passion results in more than a distinguishing brand reputation. Beyond financial rewards, it results in a standard of excellence that is fulfilling for the artist and an inspiration to others.


William Dean’s founder, Bill Brown, named the company after his grandfather and father. His “artisan” journey is worth noting. After co-founding a software company that later merged with a technology company, Bill Brown, joined a large, mature company and quickly worked his way into upper management. An episode on “The Food Network” inspired him to make truffles for his employees as a staff activity. He later saw the work of “artisan” chocolatiers and knew he had found the perfect medium to express his creativity.


Artisan chocolates offered him a multi-dimensional palette: the opportunity to create a beautiful, outward appearance for the shell with amazing flavor combinations hidden within.  He began his midlife journey by reading every book he could get his hands on.  He then began to take classes and spend time with other chocolatiers. Within two years, he had learned firsthand from some of the top Artisans in the world.


In midlife, practicing what he enjoyed most, pleasing the people around him he cared about, enjoying the creative process and developing mastery one step at a time, he focused on total excellence.  In seven years, he has arrived at a very special level of Artisanship that is recognized, sought after and rewarded beyond his original expectations. His brand reputation is priceless.


Would you like to inspire your patients? Become a true master?  


One day I hope you can experience William Dean chocolates. First, to arouse your taste buds and second, more importantly, to inspire you to follow Mr. Brown’s foot steps, in developing the artisan dental practice of your dreams.