New Dental Services Attract New Patient Calls


Adding new dental services to your practice is a tactic every dentist should employ to increase new patient calls and motivate your existing patients to look at dentistry with the wide eyes it deserves.

You are investing in marketing and watching much of your competition advertise their special (discount) pricing, but you don’t have to join them in reducing your fees. Inform your staff that you stand for quality and, although you do strive to make dentistry affordable, you are not going to engage in a price war with other dentists. Make sure they know “your why” and are enthusiastic about this why — and also about you as a dentist.

In combination with this, add sought-after services and showcase them for the community to see via your marketing. We’ve seen this drive up new patient calls over a period of a few months. We’ve also seen this awaken existing patients to “the possibilities” of a restored mouth and esthetic smile.

The addition of new dental services in your practice will boost patient engagement.

Here are 10 services that attract new patient calls, help retain existing patients, motivate word of mouth referrals, accelerate 5-star reviews, increase appointments, and raise case acceptance. All of these are taken from the play books of our Dentist Profit Systems’ clients.

1. Offer appointments one night a week and/or on Saturday morning.

2. Offer a new niche service that residents in your neighborhood are searching for, e.g., Same Day Crowns or Same Day Dentures.

3. Use advanced technology and showcase it on your website, e.g., digital impressions and laser ultrasonics.

4. Offer affordable, fast, in-office teeth whitening, e.g., Sinsational Smile.

5. Share your office with specialists part time. Boast about your broader range of services under one roof.

6. Create your own Dental Savings Plan for fee-for-service patients.

7. Offer visiting dental services for homebound patients.

8. Offer to complete insurance claims, a service rarely provided today.

9. Offer dental services for all ages, and develop a family-friendly practice personality.

10. Cater your services to cowards, and brand yourself as THE gentle dentist who understands them. Provide conversation time, multiple comfort measures, and sedation options.

Don’t forget to communicate your new dental services at every opportunity!

Dont Forget

External Marketing

Every time you add a new service, add relevant content to your website in the form of a full article. Include information about the service and why you offer it.

On your landing page, add a scroller that features the new service, and add the new service to your list of services.

A new service is newsworthy and, therefore, worthy of a press release with online distribution (e.g., via PR Web). Are you adding niche expertise such as in-house dental implant placement? Consider making a custom video for YouTube and embedding it on your website. Obviously, you will have your marketer optimize all of this new digital content for search engines.

Internal Marketing

The PATIENT PRISM Call Review and Analytics Platform in use by Dentist Profit Systems’ Clients has demonstrated that over 30% of calls to dental practices go unanswered. Wow! Think about that. Are you investing in marketing, investing in CDE to develop your expertise, attracting new patient calls, and then not answering one third of them? When new patient calls are answered, are your receptionists familiar with the services callers are seeking? Are they raving about you?

Patient Prism Logo 11-13
Our PATIENT PRISM call reviews support the observation that most young dental team members in most dental practices are not connecting well with patients. Their interpersonal relations lack professionalism, warmth, enthusiasm, and sufficient knowledge to convert callers to appointments. Ask yourself, “Does the public know I offer X? Does my team know I offer X? Do they know my level of expertise and enthusiasm for X? Does my team share my enthusiasm for X — or for that matter, does my team have enthusiasm for me?”

You must invest in training and measuring the performance of your staff
if you are seeking practice growth. Without this, your marketing dollars are not being optimized, and your expectations are not being met.