The Gifts Dentists Should Give to Increase their Value


goldgiftboxWhen it comes to dentistry with a large investment at stake, it’s common for patients to reflect on treatment options and even to get second opinions — but, in the end, not select the least expensive dentistry.  Why?


It’s not about the fee as much it is about the value-to-fee ratio.


So, just what does go into the value-to-fee ratio of a patient?  And, which behaviors do you need to intentionally improve to increase your value?



6 Factors that Increase Your Value


Patients have heightened value for your proposed treatment when they:


1   Know you have empathetically listened well and thoroughly examined their oral health circumstances.


2   Know you have carefully thought about best solutions for their circumstances.


3   Fully understand the pros and cons of alternatives.


4   Believe you have the ability to meet their expectations.


5   Feel their goals are in alignment with the treatment you propose.


6   Visualize the predicted outcomes and yearn for them.



6 Gifts that Increase Your Value


The behavioral aspects of dentistry play an enormous role in the patient’s value-to-fee ratio.  A lot depends on you giving the patient these 6 gifts in addition to your professional expertise… 6 gifts that lead to trust:


1 CARE — Genuine care about the patient, above and before personal gain


2 UNDERSTANDING — Understanding of the patient’s objectives, circumstances, and feelings


3 TIME — Adequate time to discover, plan, and communicate what is in the patient’s best interest


4 OWNERSHIP — Placing the locus of control with the patient so the patient makes the health choice


5 HOPE — Inspiring stories and images that demonstrate improved quality of life


6 RESPECT — Quiet confidence the patient will make the right decision when the  value-to-fee assessment is complete


The good news is that you are in a relationship that you can improve.  You can add value to the doctor-patient relationship over time with multiple interactions… if you get the opportunity…


The higher your Value Assessment from the get go, the more opportunity you will have to move your patient along the path of comprehensive oral health.


With each NEW patient, you have an amazing opportunity to make a first impression that starts a high-value relationship.  Liberally give your gifts.  Every day is game day to increase your value to your patients.