Amol Nirgudkar, CEO

Amol Nirgudkar, CPA, CGMA is the CEO and founding partner of Dentist Profit Systems LLC. He brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience as a CPA and business advisor to hundreds of small businesses across Florida and the United States. Over the last decade, Amol has developed a significant niche in the healthcare space and has served over 500 physicians and over 100 dentists in Florida.

In addition to publishing several articles on topics ranging from taxation to healthcare, he has authored the book Profitable Niches in General Dentistry (2014) for general dentists who want to develop an exceptional practice, the dental marketing e-book 6 Secrets to More Patients and Higher Profits, and the financial hand book Navigating the Business of Medicine for medical residents and physicians who wish to start their own private practice. A forthcoming financial handbook will focus on Navigating the Business of Dentistry. Amol is a managing partner of Reliance Consulting LLC in Tampa, Florida and has successfully transitioned 100% of his focus on this tax, accounting and business consulting firm to significant focus on Dentist Profit Systems by selecting and surrounding himself with a uniquely gifted consulting team. In his view—

“Without innovation, it is difficult for businesses of all sizes to survive and thrive in today's economy. We have advised and helped many organizations with innovative strategies that are essential to succeed in today's complex environment. Dentists are business people in desperate need of fresh strategies to make their practices standout and become securely profitable.”

Reliance Consulting LLC stands out as a unique value proposition within the CPA firm marketplace. From improving the tax strategy and financial management of a business, to consulting to help businesses develop and achieve their strategic goals, to the creation of innovative marketing systems that affordably make effective use of emerging technology and human behavior, Amol has pioneered the concept of "total business transformation."

Amol graduated top of his class from the University of South Florida and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Finance, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and Master of Science in Accounting. He subsequently obtained his CPA certification and has been in public accounting for over 13 years, earning several achievements and honors.

Susan Kulakowski

Deborah E. Bush, Managing Editor

Debbie is a content strategist, writer, and the managing editor for Dentist Profit Systems. Debbie served as the Director of Marketing and Communications at The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education from 1997 to 2003. During the last decade, she served as a consulting content strategist, writer, and editor on a multitude of projects for The Pankey Institute, Sclar Center for Empowered Dental Implant Learning, Irwin Becker Initiatives, The Academy of Dental Leadership, and over 100 individual general dentists, dental specialists and health care educators.

Recently, as Director of Communications for the nonprofit Preeclampsia Foundation, Debbie undertook national multimedia campaigns, developed over 40 content partnerships, and honed her skills in knowledge translation, journalism, social media and video scripting.

With degrees from Muskingum University and the University of Michigan, she is a resourceful researcher, capable of tackling even the most complex messages. Debbie audited the Pankey Institute Continuum and several focus courses at Pankey, including Sleep Dental Medicine; attended Dr. Anthony Sclar’s annual ISTM dental implant conference in 2013; and has attended several organized dentistry meetings on the national and state level. She has assisted dentists chair-side on multiple dental missions, and has edited hundreds of dental articles, newsletters, websites, and blogs, as well as collaborated on course manuals, clinical textbooks, practice development books and patient care guides. She is proud of her contributions to the books: The Exceptional Dental Practice: Why Good Enough Isn't Good Enough, The Art of the Examination: Why Patient Care Goes Beyond Clinical Correctness, The Art of Case Presentation: An Approach to Successful Dental Practice, Comprehensive Occlusal Concepts in Clinical Practice, Digital Dental Photography, The Book Binder, and A Lighter Side to Cancer: From Wake-up Call to Radiant Wellness.

Prior to her immersion in dentistry 17 years ago, Debbie worked as a lead writer and publications manager on software development and marketing teams of ADP Network Services, Citibank, Ford Motor Corporation, and CS Thomson Reuters. In her view—

“Collaborative conversations get to the heart of what is ‘distinctive about’ and ‘essential to’ each individual dentist so we can build that dentist’s special reputation and attract more of the patients that dentist wants. Portraying those special qualities in a manner dentists appreciate, patients find uniquely attractive, and search algorithms promote is my responsibility. As a student and consumer of relationship-based comprehensive dentistry, inspiring patients to value and seek fine comprehensive dentistry is my goal.”

Dentist Profit Systems LLC is honored to have such a skilled writer and digital marketing strategist with expertise in dentistry as one of the key members of our management team, assisting with business development, advising creative staff, contributing blogs, and writing articles and video scripts for our innovative client websites.

Mike Speisbach

Mike Speisbach, COO

Mike is Chief Operating Officer and a founding partner of Dentist Profit Systems. In a career spanning over 16 years, Mike has held executive level positions within sales and marketing departments of companies including Gateway, CompUSA and AVI-SPL. On the technology front, Mike was responsible for providing a broad range of industry-leading solutions to companies such as General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Tastefully Simple, Nationwide Insurance and Waste Management.

After his significant contribution to Fortune 500 companies, Mike started LogixKore in 2007, a technology and web-based marketing firm that provided cutting edge solutions to a diverse portfolio of clients that included numerous dentists as well as large corporations. The challenges facing dentists in this economy particularly piqued his interest. He has dedicated the last two years to developing the proprietary DR.4 and Patient Prism software systems employed by Dentist Profit Systems, as well as testing these new online marketing strategies with beta clients.

Mike has always espoused a "back to basics" philosophy when it comes to marketing strategy. Rapid advances in technology have led to an environment where today’s consumer is bombarded with a plethora of products and services. As business owners grapple with staying on top of the technology curve, Mike offers golden words of wisdom—

“As marketing and sales professionals, I think there is a risk of becoming too distracted by all the shiny new objects in our industry. No doubt, we must effectively utilize all of the new and emerging tools of the trade; however, we must realize that the main purpose of any outreach strategy is to provide the audience with relevant, meaningful and engaging stories that speak to those who are directly seeking out our products and services.”

Mike’s fundamental approach to marketing, combined with his innovative and astute ability to decipher today’s technologies, make him a powerful force in today’s dynamic world where innovative disruption is a must for companies to grow and prosper.

Michael has a BA in Media Production and Engineering from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

Susan Kulakowski

Susan Kulakowski, Director of Practice Enhancement

Susan has been featured since 2007 among Dentistry Today’s Annual Leaders in Dental Consulting. She joins the Dentist Profit Systems team as our practice enhancement expert. Having optimized several hundred dental practices over her career spanning two decades, Susan helps our team complete the marketing loop. In Susan’s opinion— no marketing strategy can be effective unless the foundation of the dental practice is strong.

Susan possesses an extensive background in the business, communication and management systems conducive to a profitable dental practice. She is an expert in communication, scheduling, collection and insurance, re-care and hygiene department efficiency, patient retention and reactivation, practice analysis and overhead control.

Susan has been in the consulting space as owner and Director of DDS Consulting, LLC, a Central Florida management firm established in 2001. As a student of the Linda Miles philosophy since the early 90’s, Susan was asked to blend her consulting firm with that of leading management firm and icon in the dental industry, Linda Miles and Associates. Linda has personally worked with Susan as her mentor and coach for over ten years and remains a trusted friend, advisor and colleague following the sale of the consulting division of her company in 2007.

Susan was one of two private sector dental management consultants selected to serve on the U.S. Air Force Dental Clinic Optimization Program in 2003-2004 through the parent contractor, Karta Technologies of San Antonio. Along with an Air Force team of officers, enlisted men and women, and the project manager from Karta, the goal was total efficiency in all phases of management for the 80 plus Air Force base clinics worldwide.

Susan has active membership in the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, Institute of Management Consultants, and Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) Founded by Linda Miles in 1997, SCN is a highly regarded annual networking and educational program to enhance the consulting, writing and speaking skills of the industry’s leaders in healthcare.

Susan has spoken at the Yankee Dental Conference, American Dental Association, Holiday Dental Conference, Broward County (FL) Dental Association, Seattle Study Club of Phoenix, Edgar D. Coolidge Study Club of Chicago, Tampa Bay Dental Study Club, Tampa, FL, and been a presenter of Linda Miles & Associates’ national 1-day and 2-day dental business conferences. She was co-founder in 2005 of the Florida Center for Dental Staff Development in Ft. Myers, Florida, offering a hands-on 2-day intensive and interactive course specifically for the advancement of dental scheduling coordinators and financial/insurance coordinators.