Logical to start with the fact


It will probably be logical to start with the fact that each person has his own tastes and preferences here. So it was always. True, not everyone decides to express their opinion directly. Everything is easy enough to explain, if there is a desire from http://russianwoman4bride.net/uncategorized/Making-decisions-for-your-health-Cialis. Everyone is afraid to express their opinion simply because they are afraid of condemnation and not understanding from others like here. It lies at the back of everyone. And it comes from childhood, or rather from education. It all depends on how the child was brought up. How exactly was the understanding of what was good and what was bad (read more). Man, despite the fact that it is no longer an animal, still lives in groups of several “individuals”. We value the opinion of both people we know, and completely outsiders for us. That’s why there is a set of rules that every respectful person should, observe like http://apmacegypt.com/How-does-The-medication-work . These rules are not written. The thing is that they were formed over many years. The desire to please others is perfectly normal for a person’s psychology, but exactly as long as everything in moderation does not become the only criterion of your value. Some people are very worried about what they think about them. They think that everything should be perfect and if, for example and prescription, there is a small spot on the shirt, then all around will necessarily pay attention to it. They seem to feel a lot of attention and glances in their direction. But in reality every person has his own problems and concerns from http://azpipedoctor.com/Is-there-a-generic-brand-of-Finasteride/. They have their own life about which they think and experience much more. Think about it yourself, but how often do you pay attention to other people and some trifles. For example, if a shirt is touched by a passing man. Most likely you do not even pay attention to it. And if you turn, then catch your eyes and certainly do not focus on the shirt. How not strange but you need these. You are not so paranoid and certainly not alone. People walking along the street are also worried about what they think about them. It’s enough just to be yourself and remember that you are surrounded by people like yourself. Surroundings behave exactly the same. You need to teach yourself to pay as little attention to such trifles. Become free. What passers-by thinks about you is only their business and you should not care. The nature of man is such, we want to be loved, respected and significant. Each of us needs the support of people who love us. It’s just fine when there are people in your life who will support you in any of your endeavors. There are also people independent of public opinion. It’s not strange, most of them are teenagers. They want to express their opinion. As a rule, they stick only to their point of view or archiv or Northwest. Often believing that it is the only true one. Even they, no matter how independent they were. All the same are subject to the opinion of others. Do not completely rely on the opinion that you hear. This does not mean that you need to stop listening and do all that we want. Listen to the opinions of those people who are important to you. Our relatives and dear people. Consider what you heard and only after that look here. Not once thought over all possible options. Only then make a decision. There is also a number of deviations. The most popular are Sociophobia, Sociopathy and Misanthropy. Let’s briefly consider them. Sociopathy in the literal translation is a fear of society, but in reality it is not so much the fear of society as the fear of social action. What are the actions that are performed in public. They are afraid of attention to themselves and all (http://ritetechresources.com/Twelve-points-to-consider-before-going-for/) forces avoid actions that will be accompanied by attention from other people’s for them. Getting in a situation where he will be in sight such a person has a strong fear of being in a shameful position (read here. Scare new friends and communication. Sociopathy is a disorder characterized by a violation or complete disregard for social norms and laws and info. Such people are impulsive and extremely aggressive like players. Sociopaths can say there is no conscience as such. Such a person can not socialize and live in a society. They are guided only by their desires. Misanthropy is alienation. Hatred of them and neglect. Unlike sociopathy, this is not a disease, but rather a philosophy and a state of mind. They do not suffer from a lack of conscience, can honor, empathize and experience other feelings that are inherent in a person. Capable of controlling themselves. They know and understand what is good and what is bad. Although they do not always agree with social norms. People with misanthropy avoid society. They are not solitary.