Google’s Hummingbird Changes Dentist SEO


Dentist SEO

Dentist SEO and Google’s Hummingbird

Google’s latest search engine algorithm, Hummingbird, changes the game plan for search engine optimization (Dentist SEO). With the goal of answering the question you have in mind, Hummingbird approaches queries in a new and intelligent way. To do this, it looks at the combinations of phrases you use and intelligently associates them to find more specific answers.


What to do: Posting answers to more specific questions will help Google’s Hummingbird search engine drive patients to you. Providing original content in those answers will help. You need to keep your content sounding natural, in your own voice, and also incorporating words patients use when searching for dentists and dental services. For best results, your website and blog need to be tied to your Google+ account. Uploading and sharing your videos on, owned by Google, also will help.

Dentist SEO

At Dentist Profit Systems, we improve your Dentist SEO with original content in your website entrance pages and your blog articles, more specific headlines, the use of long descriptive phrases with keywords to better define the unique context and distinguishers of your content, and the use of videos and even info-graphics. We are always looking for ways for search engines to find you with original, wider topic coverage in your area of expertise and for those seeking what you offer in your geographical location. Google’s search engine algorithm will constantly change, and we will be staying on top of latest changes. Today, Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is a game changer in Dentist SEO.


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