A Guide to Dentist SEO in May 2014

Dental SEO

SEOSEOWe think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for dentists differently in 2014 than we did in 2012 or even at the beginning 0f 2013.


More than ever, a healthy online presence is a priority for any growing dental practice. This is because 98% of consumers use on-line searches to research local services and their reputation. But, when thousands of dentists are communicating about the same services and similar basic information about these services, just how can you strategically word your content to move your website toward the top of the search results? Better yet, how can you strategically move your website to the top?


On Google, the world’s largest search engine, what works best to attract consumers are your unique stories that answer who you are, what you do, and why you are the best – in combination with strategic key phrases and paid AdWords campaigns. Finding the right combination really isn’t an easy task for the weekend armchair self-marketer. And, your flow of fresh content has to be a steady stream.


Have you attended Google training, been updated by Google on a regular basis, and been proactively researching the phrases consumers are presently using most?


Regarding Google today, key words are out; key phrases are in. And the more your multi-word phrases match the multi-word queries patients are making on their smart phones, tablets and computers, the better your odds are of moving to the top.


Still, you ask, “How do I distinguish my stories, expertise, and reputation from those of thousands of other dentists?”


You are competing for notice, so take note. We know results are predictable when a comprehensive marketing strategy is designed to enhance your personal brand reputation and your AdWords campaigns link to content that is uniquely written to support those campaigns.


Where are your SEO opportunities?


Search engines spot your name whenever and wherever they occur online. This could be on consumer review websites such as Yelp and Angie’s List; on social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter; on your YouTube or other syndicated videos; on your website and blog; on other people’s blogs; and on Web advertising such as Google AdWords campaigns.


What’s in a dentist’s comprehensive digital marketing plan?


A comprehensive marketing plan for dentists in this “digital intensive” age makes sure your 5-star patient reviews are captured and leveraged on the Web and in all of your marketing media. A comprehensive plan makes sure your website and blog content are rich in descriptive phrases consumers are using. A comprehensive plan makes sure your ads are linked to articles and videos that showcase your special story and your special expertise. And, because optimized AdWords campaigns are the most effective form of new patient marketing today, a comprehensive plan makes sure you are using and optimizing Google AdWords.


Dentist Profit Systems provides comprehensive Dentist-Reputation-Centered Marketing focused on your continuous ROI. As a client of ours, you can be sure that fresh, relevant, and persuasive content is being continuously added to your media and that our five Certified Google AdWords Experts are optimizing your opportunities to attract more of the patients you want. By employing several different techniques, we are able to race past your competition in more than 20 ways.


Dentist Exposure Optimization


The bar for Dentist SEO in May 2014 may be higher than ever before, but we have the “know how” to get you over it and a track record you can bank on. We creatively portray our Artisan Dentists with uniquely engaging stories and strategic campaigns that result in what we call Dentist Exposure Optimization.  We are continuously helping you build and capitalize on your unique reputation to stay in front of your local community. You deserve this, and they do, too.