Effective Digital Marketing for Dental Practices


For hundreds of dental offices, Dentist Profit Systems has recommended the following foundational digital marketing content that is optimized frequently for search engines and organic reach. The “secret sauce” that has had real impact is our ability to uniquely script content that showcases the dentist’s ability to connect with patients and provide expertise in the services they seek. Custom authenticity makes dentists stand out wherever patients look on the Web.

The Dentist’s Digital Marketing Checklist

We recommend that all sizes of practices have ALL of the following — not just pieces of this list.

  • A fully featured website with custom-written unique articles about all services and procedures you offer

  • 4 to 6 landing page scrollers that highlight your expertise—and include a new patient special and other current promotions (for example, $500 off of full Invisalign treatment)

  • Multiple monthly social media posts (primarily Facebook and Google+, but depending on your market, Twitter and others)

  • 2 to 4 short blog articles on your website each quarter, answering patients’ frequently asked questions (for example,” Why did my tooth break?”)

  • A quarterly new video on YouTube and your practice website (for example, a practice overview video, patient testimonials video, and two videos featuring niche services that include segments of voiceover explanation and segments of dentist interviews)

  • An immediate content campaign each time you offer a new niche service, for example, Invisalign (including a feature website article, short FAQ blog article, website scroller, social media posts, a press release, and perhaps, a video)

  • 5-star reviews showcased on your website—with occasional celebration on Facebook of the number of 5-star reviews you have received

  • AdWords advertising campaigns focused on one or two services that are in high local demand (the cost of which will vary, depending on your location and competition)

  • Organic search engine optimization for lead generation

  • Weekly optimization of AdWords ads

  • Free Marketing Analysis with Proposal

    When we create a marketing proposal for potential clients, we collaborate on branding messages, determine expertise and distinguishing aspects of the practice, and outline hundreds of details. We analyze the local demographics and competition, as well as the current online marketing status of the practice. All of this ground work is done free of cost. If you are interested in a proposal for your practice, we invite you to reach out.

    Financing Your Marketing

    The cost associated with effective marketing is substantial. When new dentists come to us, we often help them secure a loan to cover their initial marketing budget and achieve a digital marketing foundation. ROI is what we’re all about!