Dentist Profit Systems to Have Presence at Pankey Institute Annual Meeting



Tampa, Fl (PRWEB) July 23, 2014


Dentist Profit Systems CEO, Amol Nirgudkar, to host and present at 2014 Pankey Institute Annual Meeting



Dentist Profit Systems LLC of Tampa, Florida is pleased to be a sponsor of the upcoming Pankey Institute Annual Meeting scheduled for September 18-20, 2014 at the South Beach Ritz-Carlton in Miami.


‘The Pankey Institute is one of the nation’s foremost centers for postgraduate dental education,” said Deborah Bush, Partner and Managing Editor of Dentist Profit Systems. “We are delighted to have a presence and lend support for this renown nonprofit institute which focuses on providing courses, study clubs and a community of support for dentists aspiring to provide individualized comprehensive dentistry.


“Our CEO, Amol Nirgudkar, is hosting the Friday luncheon and will present how he built his Tampa-based CPA firm, Reliance Consulting, LLC, into one of the largest private CPA consulting firms, serving over 800 businesses, including 400 physicians, 100 dentists, and other highly successful businesses. His fascinating story includes how he went about researching and testing best methods to fast-track his firm’s brand reputation marketing and why he is personally committed to helping dentists, who are passionate about what they do.”


“At Reliance, we truly sought to understand what made businesses successful,” said Nirgudkar. The answer we found out was simple. It was Decisions. Good ones made them succeed and bad ones made them sink. We geared our entire practice to arm ourselves with tools that will uncover problems, discover strengths and leverage known and unknown facts to make inroads into better market position.”


Armed with lessons learned and strategies honed over the years at Reliance, Nirgudkar founded Dentist Profits Systems in partnership with Michael Speissbach, a marketing industry veteran with a Fortune 500 resume. The goal was to simply offer an accountable turnkey solution that was built on the foundation of reaching the right patients on the backbone of stellar dentist reputations.


“Dentist Profit Systems went online in December 2013 after a year of working with beta clients and proving significant ROI,” said Speissbach, “As marketing and sales professionals, we must effectively utilize all of the emerging tools of the trade; however, we fully realize that the main purpose of our outreach strategies is to provide relevant, meaningful and engaging stories that speak directly to those seeking dental services. We are excited about the opportunity to share our success stories with attendees of the Pankey Annual Meeting. We welcome dentists to inquire about our methods.”



The first courses of The Pankey Institute commenced in September 1972 with the mission of “bridging the gap between what is known and what is practiced.” Since that time, a continuously enhanced curriculum and world-class visiting faculty have focused on that mission. The Pankey Institute has been dentistry’s “one place” for visionary postgraduate education addressing all the many aspects of professional practice necessary to build a successful practice and achieve a work-life balance: technical, philosophical, behavioral, and financial. The Institute delivers education in a supportive and inspiring community of learners.


“Helping dentists achieve peace of mind and the practice they envision for themselves, with accountable ROI and time saved to spend on personal life is what Dentist Profit Systems is all about,” said Bush. “While our proven methods are technically cutting edge and behaviorally disciplined, we are highly attentive to the unique desires, circumstances, and personalities of our clients—and like The Pankey Institute, we help our dentists achieve excellence with attendant 5-star reputation, more of the patients they want, stress reduction, and saved time to spend however they desire.”


Lisa Stoch, Director of Advancement and Community Engagement at The Pankey Institute, said, “As we strive to continue to excel in dentistry and be The ONE Place for advanced dental education, we are honored to have generous collaborators whose vision for the profession matches our own, Our annual meeting’s keynote and featured presenters all represent dentistry at its highest and best: Dr. Gordon J. Christensen, Dr. John R. Droter, Chris Morris (owner of ADL Dental Laboratory), Dr. Bill Robbins, Naoki Aiba, CDT, Dr. Bruce R. Dunn, Dr. Thomas Dawson, Dr. Glenn Kidder, Dr. Steve Hart, Dr. Ronald G. Presswood, Dr. Kevin Muench, and Dr. Dale Sorenson. The nonprofit L. D. Pankey Dental Foundation is enormously grateful for the support of our meeting sponsors: Heraeus Kulzer, Invisalign, Whip Mix, Dentist Profit Systems, and Comprehensive Finance.


Dentist Profit Systems LLC