A Guide to Dental Practice Websites

A lot of dental practice websites are changing. They are moving away from dark backgrounds and static content into mobile-ready formats with changing promotions, news briefs and images. A growing number have WordPress blogs associated with them, and dentists are using these blogs and their website pages to showcase knowledge, opinions, explainer videos, personality, and … Continue Reading »

A Guide to Dental Flex Time Scheduling

Contributed by Susan Kulakowski, Director of Practice Enhancement   When I went into dentistry years ago we didn’t have intentional scheduling techniques. Rather, it was throw 30 names on a page and pray we make it through the day. We have come a long way with modern scheduling techniques. To provide better access to patient … Continue Reading »

Profitable Niches in General Dentistry

You may now order Profitable Niches in General Dentistry  by Amol Nirgudkar.   Amol Nirgudkar’s book (in both print and e-book form) provides dentists with reasons and clear, proven strategies for envisioning, training, equipping, promoting and delivering a number of special niche services within their general dentistry practice:   *Cosmetic Dentistry *Dental Sleep Medicine *CEREC … Continue Reading »

How do you feel about your dentistry and your fees?

When dentists have a healthy respect for their dentistry and the fees that will provide excellent patient care:   1   They consistently offer the best dentistry to all patients.   2   Their staff members actively promote optimal dentistry.   3   They have a patient base filled with individuals who want the finest dentistry … Continue Reading »

What are your 9 dental marketing goals for 2014?

If you’re like most dentists, you have a list of dental marketing goals for the coming year, and your goals are the outcomes you want to see— not the specifics of how you will do the marketing.   If you are like many, you assign your dental marketing to a staff member and ask your … Continue Reading »

Google’s Hummingbird Changes Dentist SEO

Dentist SEO and Google’s Hummingbird Google’s latest search engine algorithm, Hummingbird, changes the game plan for search engine optimization (Dentist SEO). With the goal of answering the question you have in mind, Hummingbird approaches queries in a new and intelligent way. To do this, it looks at the combinations of phrases you use and intelligently … Continue Reading »

The birth of a dentist marketing company… the birth of a blog

  Every time we told our DR.4 marketing vision to a dental practice, they became interested.   Every time we tried our DR.4 systems on a new dental practice, they became sold.   And, every time we measurably accelerated a dental practice’s new patient engagement, reputation, and income, our excitement and drive to help our … Continue Reading »

Your Most Important Dental Practice Instrument

  By Susan Kulakowski, Director of Pratice Enhancement   The telephone is the most important instrument in every dental practice. It is your lifeline to the outside world. How it is handled impacts your success.  It’s amazing how many dental practices still have voicemail answering like this:   “Thank you for calling Dr. Jones office. … Continue Reading »

Can Google AdWords Improve Your Visibility?

By Amol Nirgudkar, CEO Whether you’re opening your first practice and wanting to drum up a patient base—or you’ve been practicing for years and want to increase your daily revenue, you know that being visible is the key to attracting leads and turning those leads into returning patients. One of the better known dental online … Continue Reading »

Establishing Your Personal Brand

Establishing Your Personal Brand Manufacturers who market specific, physical goods – shoes, refrigerators, soft drinks, children’s toys — invest a great deal of time and money into product development, since those products will help to develop and reinforce the company’s brand. Personal branding presents a similar set of challenges in an altogether different framework. How … Continue Reading »